Antelope Canyon, Entrance and Price
by our travel geek Valeria

Nobody told us he normal short route was closed that time. That’s why instead of traveling approximately 1 hour we had to go about 4.5 hours around the Canyon to get there. So our plan to stay in one of the hotels just didn’t work! Exhausted we fell asleep in the car at some parking lot in the middle of “I had no idea where”. At the very morning, we continued our way to Antelope Canyon. Upon arriving, we found out there are two entrances: lower and upper.

The difference is the price you pay (a person in this case), as owners are different. Therefore, the things you are actually gonna see are a bit different as well. So we chose to go to a lower one.

The ticket was a little cheaper in there, about $70 a person. The interesting thing that I didn’t know when going to the park is that you are ONLY allowed to go to Antelopes with a guide! (I’ll explain later exactly why). That’s why they have about three centers within the lower entry which offer a guided tour. The prices at this place are the same (maybe two or three dollars more or less). It actually doesn’t matter which company you’re going to choose because all of them are a family. Once you pay, you to have to wait about 20-30 minutes for your group to go. Then guide explains how to behave in case you DO NOT want to fall down or hit yourself.

Antelope Canyon, Safety Rules

The walks sometimes are getting really narrow. You have to be prepared to wear comfortable clothes and shoes (I was kinda not since I don’t consider jeans were comfy) So, I asked a guide why people are not allowed to go exploring the place themselves without a guide. He answered that everyone has to be with an authorized tour company. There was an accident in the past when a group of 4 or 5 people (I don’t remember exactly) went there themselves and it suddenly started to rain. Because canyon is underground it was filling up with water very quickly and water flow was getting really strong and fast!

That took their lives away! and Very sadly, they found only two of the dead bodies many kilometers away from the place they have been exploring. But now everything is safe. Because of the following safety rules, every visitor is good to go to Antelope Canyon.

Exploring Antelope Canyon
That’s how narrow it gets, Antelope Canyon

Talking about food, we only had lunch ones at the restaurant. Rest of the times we ate the food that we brought in advance with us, because when you travel in the Grand Canyon sometimes it’s hard to find a restaurant or place to eat since you simply might be far away from it.

Next, we went to Horseshoe Canyon which is an amazing beautiful masterpiece of nature.

Horseshoe Canyon

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