website is being written by a lovely Couple Bloggers which has been to more than twenty countries starting from the East of Asia to the very West of Europe. Being open and ready, we usually plan our trips, no matter how long or short they are going to be, by ourselves. However, we keep our eyes open to new and budget package offers as well. We aim to share travel tips based on what we have seen and explored without “sugar coating”, the reality as it is. We believe that a travel blog is a proper way of giving opinions on how to easy and properly plan your dream vacation!

All in all, in total, we cover around 6 languages ( 3 of which fall under mother tongues) and nearly 15 dialects. That’s why some of the articles may look different from the rest of the content.

We consider our blog as a travel book where every reader will get not only dry, feeling less facts about a destination but also emotions and associations related to it.

Following the principle of “hope for the best, be prepared for the worst”, makes us remember how important it is to choose proper accommodation, check the transport options, assure we know the embassy’s address along with emergency numbers.

Travel Couple Bloggers in Grand Canyon

We truly believe that discovering cultures, trying new sometimes unusual food, challenging yourself with unfamiliar routes spices life up.

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