Hidden in the middle part of Sri Lanka Island, Dambulla is literally a treasure for nature lovers but also for those who are into sculptures, wall-painting, hiking and enjoying spectacular views.

What to see in Dambulla:

Golden Buddha Temple & Dambulla Cave Temple, Sri Lanka

Included into UNESCO heritage list, Golden Buddha and Cave Temple will hypnotize every guest with its unique, calm and peaceful atmosphere. A huge statue of Golden Buddha, long underground corridors with great cave paintings and murals qualify the temple as a must-see spot.
Open hours: 7AM-7PM (ticket counter closes at 5 PM)
Entry fee: LKR 1500/adult
Dress code: Shoulders and knees must be covered and hats need to be take off.

Golden Buddha Temple, Dambulla


The former capital, Polonnaruwa remains mysterious for the visitor. The beautiful massive gate of Vijayanta Pasada (Royal Palace) presents the entrance to the whole complex. To the right from the Palace, there is a Court which still keeps every artistic detail on the wall.
A short stroll from the North part will take you to the Quadrangle, great columns surrounded by the wall. Ruins of ancient buildings, remainings of Buddha temples, shrines and White Stupas keep Polonnaruwa’s secret.

We got there by tuk-tuk, yet it’s quite a long way. Traveling within Sri Lanka is almost the same as watching National Geographic in a real life. Tuktuk is a convenient type of transportation in Polonnaruwa as the area is huge and busy.

There is a bike rent next to the main entrance, however, I am not sure we were to ready to walk, then jump on the bike, ride it on streets with insane traffic, then again walk, jump, ride, repeat :-/

Polonnaruwa, Statues of Buddha
Stupa in Polonnaruwa
Royal Court, Polonnaruwa
Entrance to Polonnaruwa, Royal Gates

National Parks next to Dambulla

As we mentioned earlier, Dambulla is a humble town with lots of hidden gems, one of which is national parks situated quite close to it.

For example, packages tours of safari to Minneriya National Park or Kaudulla National Park. Both offer to see elephants and monkeys in their natural environment.

Where to stay in Dambulla

Our choice was Sundaras Resort&Spa, a nice 4-star hotel surrounded by jungles. The average rating on Tripadvisor is 4*, however, we would give it 5 out of 5. Great service, modest but tidy room, view on jungles and delicious food served at the main restaurant made us happy of our stay.

View from our Balcony, Dambulla

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