Grand Canyon Dream
by our travel geek Valeria

The first time I’ve arrived to United States, Grand Canyon was my destination number one in the whole my list of places I got to see. Circumstantially, it only happened 3 years after I first arrived to the USA, but, eventually, the place was absolutely worth my waiting and expectations to explore it.

It was October and unlikely to the rest of places and cities around, the weather in Canyon is much different, it’s much colder, especially in the night, even though it is located just 2 hours by car from hot Las Vegas. We went to the west entrance of the National Park. You have to pay the park admission right where you enter Grand Canyon. So we had 3 people in the car and we bought an annual pass to all the National Parks of America which was useful in our forward trip. The cost was about $80 when the price per vehicle is more or less $35 but ones you exit the park you will have to pay another time to get in again, and you may get confused with this easily.

Grand Canyon
View on Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon national Park territory is huge and it has many camping grounds for people to stay over the night in their tents 🏕 or travel trailers or just cars. Also you can find a few information centers, gas stations gift shops around and villages. There are also some hotels around where you can stay safe and sound during your trip. Our experience was a little different.

The first day as I previously mentioned we have been to a western side of the Grand Canyon park and we have sooo many spots to stop and see its unspeakable beauty that was taking the breath away not only with a beauty but also with a fear to fall down.

Navajo Point
Navajo Point. The tribe Living Place
Navajo Point, Tribe Community
Marble Canyon

Antelope Canyon

In the evening we decided to go to the Antelope Canyon (I previously found the place on the internet), it seemed to be a fascinating spot that doesn’t look like any other in the world because it’s an underground Canyon.

Antelope Canyon

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