After reading a few articles about the best time to visit Horseshoe Bend, we decided to meet a sunrise there! Believe me, there were several strong advantages of this decision – the magic of sunrise, way fewer people, more time to spend before the heat! On top of that, an opportunity to have a morning coffee on the top of the hill!

Horseshoe Bend faces the West. Therefore, pre-sunrise and post-sunset views on Colorado River tend to be in shadow. However, during the day time, it is fully visible in all its charm. It is one of the most photographed spots on earth. That is why Horseshoe Bend attracts millions of visitors every year.

Safety Requirements at the Horseshoe Bend

Located next to a city of Page, Arizona, Horseshoe is definitely worth a visit. Even though this place is extremely photogenic, it is important to remember that the main attraction is a river Colorado which literally bends the horseshoe rock. For this reason, some visitors may want to come very close to the edge of the sharp cliff to see better scenery. It can very dangerous.

To get to the Bend from the parking lot, one should walk around 3/4 miles on a sandy trial. Hence, it can be a bit tough for those who have bad knees or problems with the hips.

Because of the weather conditions ( dry hot air and endless sun) better to be well-prepared for the trip. Water, sunscreen, baby wipes would really help to enjoy the Bend with comfort.

Do I need a Guide at the Horseshoe Bend?

As per the latest information, the guide is not required at the Bend. Yet, planning a trip to Antelope Canyon will not be possible without a guide! (see more -> Antelope & Horseshoe Canyon, Valeria Continues her Adventures ).

Parking at the Horseshoe Bend

Horseshoe is open 24/7 365 days a year! Ideal location for a picnic, photo shooting or relax away from the busy life. As it was mentioned before, millions of people go to the Bend. To control traffic, starting from 2019 the park service will start charging vehicles for entering the area. For example, a single car will be 10$, motorcycle – 5$, bus – 30-120$ depending on a number of passengers. Further improvement plan includes strict regulations in regards to the parking. Visitors will be asked to park only at the parking lot, not the street. If there is no available parking space, the park service officer will ask to return later.

Colorado River Bends the Rock
Morning Shadow at the Horseshoe Bend
5 am, 3/4 miles walk to the Bend from the Parking.

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