After 3 hours flight, we finally landed in “city of adults” which highly tolerates gambling, drinking, and other sins 😀

How many movies featuring Las Vegas do you remember? I would bet, hundreds of them. Have you ever considered Las Vegas as a dream vacation destination?

Luxor Hotel&Casino

We lived in Luxor Hotel&Casino right in front of Excalibur. Beautiful long lobby with high giant statues of Egyptian gods, hundreds of people moving around, shops which offer different kinds of stuff starting from snacks and non-alcoholic beverages to well-known brands of accessories and clothes. We lived in the West Tower of the hotel. An interesting detail – there are no balconies! The pool closes at 7 pm already (!), it can stay open only if there is a scheduled event like a pool party. Guard kindly asked us to leave the pool area due to safety reasons. I assume people may get crazy and start doing illegal or even dangerous things.

To see and live in the hotel I’ve seen from the movies only was something I couldn’t even dream about. Especially if there is a stunning view of the city from the room. Forgot to mention, Vegas is shiny during the night. That’s the time which the best suits Vegas image and makes lights shine even brighter. The great pool area of Luxor offers cabanas with ceiling fan, sunbeds, lounge chairs along with the bar and drinks (should be paid separately).

A hotel room doesn’t have any tea kettle or even tea/coffee mugs. Honestly, after being used to have at least a basic tea/coffee set, I got a bit surprised. But from another hand who will drink tea in Vegas, right? Who cares about coffee if there is free alcohol while gambling? 😀

Rules inside the Casino:

  • smoke. Because of the strong ventilation system, more likely you won’t really feel it. As smoking laws las vegas casinos says “Smoking is allowed in any area inside casinos where loitering of minors is prohibited, typically near gaming tables and slot machines”. However, such places as a hotel lobby, restaurants, shops, and hospitals will for sure have “no smoking please” signs. Usually, casinos will take a risk if they ban smoking as people tend to smoke while gambling. Although the majority of casinos allow tobacco smoking, there are few which stay smoking free. Here you have a list:
    The Signature Hotel at MGM Grand
    The Platinum Hotel and Spa
  • And what marijuana? 😀 Las Vegas still strictly regulate usage of “recreational drugs”. Even though in 2017 it became legal, it doesn’t mean that it’s allowed everywhere. For example, hotels, most likely the casino’s areas and even the hotel’s room which is not considered as a private space would ban it.
  • drinking. “Las Vegas was where you went to be certified an adult,” said UNLV history professor Michael Green, who has written a number of books about the city. “You could come here and do all the things you weren’t supposed to go back home.” Walking with the open bottle of alcohol is definitely allowed on the Strip (the main street). As in every rule, there is an exception “Drinking isn’t allowed within 1,000 feet of a church, synagogue, public or private school, hospital, withdrawal management facility or homeless shelter.” And of course, it is strictly forbidden to drink and drive. Unlike other states where alcohol can be purchased during only certain hours, bars and alcohol stores are open 24/7 in Vegas. I remember that sin-sweet pina colada we bought in one of such stores on Strip. You enter the shop, passing till the end where there is a huge, let’s call it, a room size refrigerator with a wide variety of alcohol, you grab favorite one, pay 3$ and get the paradise on Earth.
  • kids. Most of the hotels are kids friendly, yet it’s better to check the amenities and range of shows certain hotel has. Some of them won’t allow minors to enter the gambling zone, others may prohibit kids from walking by themselves even in the lobby area. Majority of shows are quite ok and won’t be dangerous or in any way provocative which makes them absolutely safe for a younger audience, but we all remember we are in sin city. There is a huge number of diverse adult entertainment which meets the expectations and customer’s taste.
New York, New York Hotel
Excalibur Hotel
Luxor Sign
The light from Luxor is visible all over the city
It was 39C when we were there
Yes, it it Bellagio! 😀 with the biggest fountains in the city
One of the Irish Pubs with very American Style

Getting married in Las Vegas

And how many times did you read news about people arranging and actually having marriages in one of those underground casino chapels?

“Capital of marriages” offers you an easy way to tight a knot and get a marriage cert which is actually valid during a year. No blood tests required, there is no waiting period.
The only thing every future couple should do is to fill an application form along with 77$ cash (can be paid by the card as well) is enough to get the license, timing is quite convenient as well – every day from 8 am till midnight (!).
Actually, it means that getting married is as easy as losing all of the saving at the slot machine 😀

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