It’s the 8th of June, it’s a month since the moment I landed in Vegas. Yes, it’s been a month since the day I moved to the US.

Yes, I call it “move”, I realize that I have migrated to another continent. To call it a change is not enough, it’s a life-changing switch to a different lifestyle.

When people heard about the city to which I was going, they asked not to gamble hard and not to lose everything 😀

Life of locals in Vegas is the same as in any other city – taking care of the house, family, going to work, making a list of things which should be completed.

However, if you enter Strip or Fremont streets, you will simply feel the endless vacation spirit.

Jetlag is already gone but sometimes weather reaches 36 or 38C that is why I am still adjusting.

When I say “Vegas” people think it’s only about casinos. But no, it’s a city surrounded by lakes, one of the biggest dams in the world (Hoover Dam), man-made parks and ponds. The first few seconds after landing you will sense how dry the air is, it may take a day or two to get used to it.

Las Vegas Property

They don’t say floor e.g. 1-floor house or 2-floor house. No, it’s stories – 1 story house, 2 stories house.

People who want to rent the house or apartment should be ready to move into the empty property. Some of the new apartment blocks may provide furniture. To rent a house through Airbnb you will need to obtain permission from the home community.

There are several strict rules which apply in Vegas towards Airbnb.

There are no skyscrapers, only casinos may reach the sky. For example, the tallest structure in the city is the Stratosphere Tower, which rises 1,149 feet (350 m). The tower is also the tallest observation tower in the United States. The rest of the city is flat.

Paperwork in Vegas

Classic bureaucracy practices take places in Vegas as well. For example, the Social Security Office (SSN – social security number) works the same as in every other country – queue, ticket (number), SSN officer -> done.

Some of the services will provide an option of online appointments yet not all.

However, the marriage procedure is way easier than in other countries.

Marriage in Las Vegas

Getting married in Vegas is super easy. Follow the steps 😀 :

  • get the marriage license (in other words permission to get married), a matter of 10 mins
  • go to any of chapels (they are at every corner)
  • get married
  • receive a marriage cert (will take up to 10 days)

Shopping Las Vegas

Shopping here is presented through a variety of outlets and stores. As we mentioned before, there are no high buildings. All shopping malls are like plaza types areas with different shops, coffee places, etc. People in Nevada (actually the same as the rest of the world) hunt for clearance, sale time. Such giant chains as Ross (dress for less – motto), Marshalls, TJ Maxx offer a diversity of stylish brand clothes (CK, Tommy Hilfiger, etc) along with home decoration or bedclothes and bathroom necessities.

Majority of brands available here is originally from the US. European names can be found rarely ( e.g. Zara has only one store in Vegas).

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