I have come up with the idea to give a short insight on places which every tourist can visit for free. I think it is an interesting topic because there are a lot of people who strongly believe in the statement “why do I need to pay if I can enter for free?” And it actually makes sense.

So here we go 😀

Oskar Schindler’s Factory

One of the most visited spots in Krakow. Average price for the regular ticket will be around 21 zl.

But each Monday (no matter if it a high season or no), entrance is free of charge. However, there is a little hook as they have a fixed number of tickets for free on Mondays. That’s why it’s better to be as early as it is possible in the museum already, so the chances to get there for free will be higher.

Wawel Castle

The one you usually see on the postcards from Krakow. Royal Castle has some options how to enter for free. As it says on official website fees will be waived on Mondays (in period of April 1 till October 31 (9.30 a.m.-1 p.m.)) and Sundays (November 1: March 31 (10 a.m.-4 p.m.)) for some exhibitions. It is applicable only for individual visitors, not guided tours. In order to get inside during the days with the free admission, visitors are asked to proceed to the ticket office to receive free passes. There is no reservation available/accepted for such days.

Rynek Underground Museum

The place where you can feel the spirit of Krakow, watch how it was being built and listen to Krakow’s life through centuries.

A regular ticket will cost you 19 zl but there is an opportunity to see the museum for free on Tuesdays. As official website, says, “Admission free on Tuesday. Closed on every second Monday of the month.“

Sukiennice gallery

One of the oldest market halls in the world, Sukkienice will open its doors for visitors for free on Sundays but only for permanent exhibitions.

A regular ticket will cost around 16 zl though.

Czapski museum

Located in Czapski neo-classic palace, the museum is considered as a numismatic center.

If you want to check it by yourself, Sunday is a free admission day.

Matejko House

Jan Matejko – a great Polish artist working on history paintings. As it says on the official website, “The exhibits include everyday objects and memorabilia of the artist and his family”

It is located in the heart of the city in Florianska str. If you walk within narrow streets of Krakow and would like to pay a visit to Matejko museum, keep in mind that Sunday is free admission day to permanent exhibitions.

Old synagogue

Old synagogue on Szeroka str is a well-known place in Kazimierz district, Krakow.  

Monday is the day when you can go inside it for free to check the exhibits of Judaica collection. Bear in mind that it is one of the most visited museums in Krakow, that is why better to be there as early as possible.

Mocak museum

Should you hear anything about modern art or places where to check exhibits dedicated to modern trends in art. Then Mocak museum is the right choice.

Tuesday is a day of free admission.

Museum of engineering

Do you want to sense the atmosphere of science? Do you want to get to know more about the history of printing or maybe the history of public transport in Krakow? What about craft and industry? Is anyone interested? Then Museum of Engineering in św. Wawrzyńca St. will be a perfect spot.

According to the official website, ‘Permanent exhibition entry is free on Tuesdays. Visiting the interactive exhibition “Around the Wheel” requires payment regardless of the day.”

National Museum (main building)

“Home to photography and art studios and conservation studios for painting and sculpture, decorative arts, textiles, frames and gilding, furniture and upholstery, as well as museum workshops.” (http://mnk.pl/branch/main-building/about-the-branch )

There is an option to visit it for free on Sunday. Entrance to the permanent exhibition is under free admission.

University Museum Collegium Maius

I have never thought I would ever be a part of the Harry Potter movie. Have you ever expected that? Yes yes, it is possible. There is Polish Hogwarts and it is in Krakow in Jagiellońska 15,  str right in the city center.  Entrance for free will be available on Tuesdays from April to October: 3.00 p.m. – 6.00 p.m. (5.20 p.m.- last tour) Tuesdays from November to March: 2.00 p.m.- 4.00 p.m. (3.20 p.m.- last tour).

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