Red Rock Scenic Drive is only 15 miles away from Las Vegas which makes a perfect spot to combine fun in the city and hike in the Park. Moreover, a visitor has a few alternatives to choose from. For example, either walking trials (for any level – from easy and short like less than 2 miles to more challenging like 7-8 miles) or a scenic drive road. We decided to experience the second option.

Red Rock Scenic Drive

Since the length is only 13 miles, it will take around 2 hours maximum to see main viewpoints
Starts with the visitor center
Tickets are available at the visitor center
Prices vary depending on the transportation types. Vehicles – 15$ a day one entrance, motorcycle – 10$ a day one entrance, bicycle- 5$ a day one entrance.
It’s a one-way road with sometimes sharp turns, according to that, the speed limit can be even 15 miles per hour
The speed limit is present, otherwise, fines will be applied
No feeding of wild animals (burros and horses), otherwise fines will be applied
Maps handed at the visitor center. They indicate where bathrooms and main stops are located

If a guest follows strictly the route of the Red Rock Scenic Drive, there are 8 stops. However, there are other connecting roads which let a visitor go to other spots.

Scenic Drive is ideal for families or those who would like to take it easy and relaxing. The beauty of the stones makes the view spectacular. On top of that, some of the stops provide tables with benches. Hence, it is a great spot for having a snack or lunch.

Important to remember about the Red Rock Park

  • The weather may change rapidly, that is why it makes sense to be well-prepared
  • It is super dry and sometimes extremely hot, thus water may become the best friend
  • Cliffs have some sharps edges, for that reason, one should wear hiking shoes
  • Dogs are welcome, still better to keep them on the leash
  • Working hours of the Scenic Drive depend on the season, as a result, the same rule applies to parking next to the main stops

It is open every day of the year with hours changing slightly according to the season:

Nov – Feb – 6:00 AM to 5:00 PM
March – 6:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Apr – Sep – 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM
Oct – 6:00 AM to 7:00 PM

Beginning of the Red Rock Park
Calico I Stop, It is the first stop on the route
Calico I Stop
Calico I Stop. I would say it’s the most beautiful spot
Red Rock Wash Overlook Point

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