The project of New York New York Casino & Hotel the cost of which was 460 million dollars was finished in 1997, being one of the most extravagant ideas of that time.

The article in the New York Times dated 1997 said that the casino looked both, vulgar by aiming to mimic Big Apple, and entertaining by making millions of people to visit it. Hence, the direct quote states “On one level, this is the most ridiculous building imaginable, a cynical slap in the face at the notion that time and history carry some weight in the experience of place. On another level, it is an earnest, eager celebration of a world far away from Las Vegas, and it couldn’t be more entertaining. “

New York New York Casino, Las Vegas

New York New York, Las Vegas. Important to Remember

First of all, the whole casino is like a big city turned into a theme park. That is why, visitors can enjoy Roller Coaster (15$ per person), Coyote Ugly Bar ( yeah, the same as the movie) and of course Zumanity Show by Cirque du Soleil. However, the last one will require to be min. of 21 years old and have a valid ID as it’s an ultimate show for adults only ( has some nudity).

New York New York Casino

Since New York New York is a part of MGM family, guests have a chance to collect points and receive rewards later on. Therefore, it includes (not limited to) entertainment in other M clubs casinos (MGM Grand).

The casino offers different types of table games – Blackjack, Roulette, Mini Baccarat, etc. But the minimum limit to start playing is 10$. Also, slot machines are present.

New York New York Casino. Interior

The design of exterior and interior fully evokes New York City. Colorful streets inside the casino, tiny windows on the buildings, an atmosphere of the Times Square – all there throw the visitor to the Big Apple within seconds.

New York New York. Interesting Facts

in 1997 got a reward of the Best Architecture by Las Vegas Review-Journal

copy of Manhattan Bridge is the part of the design, you can easily cross it in only (!) 2 mins

the cheapest rate starts from 100$ per night depending on the day (cheaper during the week, more expensive during the weekend)

you can attend Zumanity show by Cirque du Soleil (it is only for adults as it’s sexually graphic)

Roller Coaster is one of the most popular activities at the hotel

it has Coyote Ugly bar (yeah, the same as in the movie (oh, teenager’s time)

not only exterior but also interior will throw you to NY, all bars and pubs have the Times Square style

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